Who are we?

This site was started by a handful group of volunteers in 1997 who were frustrated by the fact that there wasn't any presence of RKMV on the net. The domain name www.rkmv.org is registered and maintained by Indrajit Ghosh, class of 1989. The alumni database and supporting application was developed by Indrajit Ghosh.

The contributers to the site are:

  • Agnimitra Biswas, Class of 1986. He started the original RKMV site on Tripod.com and is the contributer of the nice articles and pictures in the Vidyapith section.
  • Pratip Bhattacharya, Class of 1990. His contact with Vidyapith provides the lastest news and articles on this site. View the pictures he contributed in the album section.
  • Nilanjan Bhattacharya, Class of 1989. Being an active participant in Vidayapith activities and Alumni association, he provides regular updates to this site regarding alumni activities.
  • Sasankasekhar Mandal, Class of 1987. He provides regular updates to this site regarding Vidyapith news and activities.
  • Sanjoy Konar, Class of 1986. 
  • Suvendu Goswami, Class of 1986.
  • Tridip Roy, Class of 1986.
  • Arghya Ghosh, Class of 1986.
  • If you can help us out in any way, do contact us. If you have any news related to Vidyapith, and want to share with the rest of the alumni on the website, please email us. If you want to share any pictures on the Vidyapith album on this site, do contact us.

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