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The main gate is an imposing structure inscribed with the Sanskrit shloka: "Uttisthito Jagroto Prapyo Baraan Nibodhato" - "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached". The gate also has the logo of  Ramakrishna Mission at the center.
Arguably the most impressive structure in the Vidyapith campus, the Bhajan (Prayer) hall stands in all its grandeur among scores of Arjuna trees, directly facing the main gate. In front of the hall is inscribed the famous lines from a bengali poem written by Satyendranath Dutta - "Shomshaner buke aamra ropon korechi panchaboti, tahar-i chaya-i aamra milabo jagot-er shatokoti".
The marble sculpture of Sri Ramakrishna creates the illusion of being almost real. This famous statue of Sri Ramakrishna was sculpted by  renowned sculptor Sunil Pal. Photographs of Swami Vivekananda and Maa Sarada Devi adorn the two smaller marble thrones beside the main sculpture. Morning and evening bhajans are performed by students and monks everyday before the idols.
This awe- inspiring structure is that of Sarada Mandir, the school building for classes VIII through X. It is rumoured that the famous director Satyajit Ray was so impressed with the school building that he wanted to make it the king's palace in his film "Hirak Raja-r Desh-e". The building has four sides, the center courtyard being the venue for everyday school assembly. The biology, chemistry and physics laboratories of Sarada Mandir can boast of being one of the bests in the country.
Vivek Mandir is the school building of the junior section, starting from class four through class seven. The morning and evening "study" hours are also conducted in the same classrooms which gave the students an opportunity to "personalize" their desks. Ever remember reading storybooks or playing carrom with chalk stubs behind the pile of neatly stacked books on the desk!
The center for Vidyapith's cultural activities is the Sabhagriha or the auditorium. Who can forget the thrill of their first stage appearance in front of a strong crowd of over thousand students and teachers. The auditorium has also been witness to countless movies which the students were forced to love and hate! The assembly hall has a beautiful mural in front of it painted by the renowned artist from the Bengal school of art - Ramananda Bandyopadhya.
The hospital and the library were an integral part of the student life, immortalizing the characters like Robi-da and "Keshta-Aboni-Mohadev". The library contains an honour board displaying the long list of Vidyapith alumni who have added to the glory of our beloved alma mater.

The hostel buildings. The ones that are missing are Ramakrishna Sadan and Brahmananda Sadan.

Matri Sadan

Vivekananda Sadan

Shibananda Sadan
A scene from the study hall in the senior section. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is the statue of Shahid Khudiram Bose next to our gymnasium. The sculptor, once again, is Sunil Pal.

All these photos were taken in December '97 by Prajina Bhattacharya. Made available to us by Tridip Ray and Arghya Ghosh (class of '86). Thank you all for your effort and sending us the photos to put on our homepage.

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